Die Stadt und der Erdkreis

Die Andere Bibliothek, Band 438

erscheint demnächst


creative nonfiction

stadt, urbanistik, psychogeografie, land art


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"Hens uses Proustian alchemy to transform the things of his world into whole relay stations of poetic force, humming and sparking and chugging ... — an extraordinary act of literary finesse." (Joan Acocella, The New Yorker)


"As the essay is to the article, so creative nonfiction is to journalism. If conventional journalism transcribes, then creative nonfiction transforms; where one recounts, the other remakes. Rather than take experience as its orienting, originating ground, creative nonfiction turns to language first and last [...] Creative nonfiction is a laboratory for testing the boundaries that divide spheres, modes and genres of living, thinking, and writing." (Mary Cappello)